The Notre Dame MBA


February 1, 2014




This year, Ernst & Young and the University of Notre Dame are excited to bring you the 7th Annual Diversity Conference Case Competition. The case will ask students to examine diversity and inclusiveness in business and come up with solutions to a related business challenge. Hosted at the Mendoza College of Business on the University of Notre Dame’s campus, this case competition will take place on February 1st. Please see below for more competition details.

Rules and Logistics

Teams and Registration

  • Participants must be currently enrolled in a Master’s in Business Administration program in either their first or second year.
  • Each team must be composed of 4 or 5 members.
  • Due to the nature of this event, it is expected that each team will have a diverse representation.
  • Interested teams should email Keziah Samuel at or Stephen Hill at no later than FRIDAY, JANUARY 17th with your registration information including: a team name, the name of each member and his/her email address. Please highlight the team lead.
  • If a registered team member is unable to participate in the case competition, a substitution of team members is allowed before 12:00pm CST on January 24th. Please communicate this change, including new member’s name and email address, to Keziah or Stephen.

Case Distribution and Logistics

  • Case distribution will take place via email on Monday, January 24th at 12pm CST. The case study and supplemental material will be issued to the team lead for each team; it will be the responsibility of the team lead to distribute materials to the remainder of the team members.
  • Presentation time will be assigned randomly. Stephen Hill will provide teams with a copy of the entire competition presentation schedule by Friday, January 31st at 12pm CST. Timeslots may not be traded.
  • We ask that you arrive at the Mendoza College of Business no later than 1 hour before your presentation time.
  • Your team will be assigned a room where you may prepare for your presentation. This room will be available to your team for the full day.
  • Teams will have the opportunity to ask any questions concerning the case once distributed by emailing who will respond intimating all University team leads of the clarification.

Work Products

  • We will provide each team with a PowerPoint template, which every team is required to use. Please do not include anything such as a logo that may give away your school identity.
  • Each team member should participate in the preparation and delivery of the presentation
  • Each team will prepare an oral and visual presentation (PowerPoint), addressed to the executive leadership of the client.
  • The visual presentation in its FINAL version must be emailed to by 5:00pm CST on January 31st. Teams are NOT allowed to modify their presentations after the midnight submission. Ernst & Young will download presentations to a flash drive and will upload prior to the presentation.
  • Please also bring your presentation on a flash drive in the case that there are technical difficulties with the electronic submission.
  • Your team is free to use any information available including outside parties. Please be sure to document all information sources.


  • We will have two rounds of presentations. All teams will participate in round one and the top two teams from round 1 will present in the final round. 
  • Presentations will be 15 minutes with an additional 10 minutes to respond to questions by the judges. Please make sure you adhere to the 15-minute rule.
  • Presentations will take place on February 1st between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM in the Mendoza College of Business
  • To maintain our tight schedule, you will be cut off if you go over the allotted time. We will have someone to call out time as your stop-times approach.
  • Business attire is appropriate for all presentations.
  • After you have presented, please go back to your team room or relax elsewhere on campus.
  • Even though you have presented you are not allowed to watch other presentations.
  • All teams must be present at the Diversity Conference Closing Reception for the awards ceremony, which will be held at 3:00 PM. In addition to the winning team, the best speaker, and Q&A will also be announced.


  • At a high level, the judges will be responsible for judging the teams on the soundness of their analysis and related recommendations, the quality of their presentation and the response to questions.
  • The competition will be judged by professors from the University of Notre Dame and professionals across a variety of service lines from Ernst & Young.

Prizes & Awards

Cash prizes will be awarded to the teams winning first, second and third place.
Award amounts are representative of the total provided to each team:
- 1st Place: $5,000
- 2nd Place: $2,500
- 3rd place: $1,000

Contact Information

Ernst & Young Case Competition

Please contact Keziah Samuel at or Stephen Hill at with any questions/issues related to the case teams or competition structure.