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Instructor-supported certificate courses are offered in a multimedia format that is engaging and aids in your retention of course content. Courses may utilize audio, video, audio slide shows, simulated experiments, interactive practice sessions, online quiz modules and virtual discussion for a broader learning experience.

Executive Certificate in Business Administration

This comprehensive professional development series increases your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques. Each eight-week course builds on the last in a step-by-step progression, ensuring you have a solid foundational understanding of the principles and disciplines of business before moving on to practical applications of business strategies. MORE

Executive Certificate in Negotiation

In today's highly interactive, multicultural world the ability to interact with and influence others has become more important and more complex than ever. This online series is uniquely designed to improve students' interpersonal skills and influence in any situation, one-on-one, in groups and across cultures. MORE

Executive Certificate in Leadership & Management

The ability to lead AND manage impacts professionals at all levels, from individuals focused on a specific project, to managers of work groups and departments, to executives who determine an organization's strategic direction and culture. The online series equips you with effective ways to assume the right role at the right time, whatever your level of management or leadership. MORE  


Today's workplace is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. More organizations than ever have a culturally diverse workforce. Issues once perceived as being solved through simple understanding and fair-mindedness have become much more complex to identify and manage. Multiple generations, ethnicities and ethical beliefs are just a few employee dynamics that have rapidly changed in the workplace. And now is a critical time for professionals at all levels to receive something more extensive than cultural sensitivity training. Notre Dame's Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management program prepares you to be more aware, and therefore a more effective leader. MORE