The Notre Dame Executive MBA


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The Executive MBA faculty meets the high standards of adult students with demanding careers and significant personal interests and responsibilities. From accountancy to ethics, finance, management and marketing, instruction is based on superior scholarship, ongoing research and longstanding relationships with blue-chip organizations. All faculty members are widely published and teach only in their respective areas of expertise.

Extended Faculty

Throughout the program, top executives from some of the country’s most prominent organizations are invited to teach classes on cutting-edge topics. Without exception, the presentations by extended faculty are candid and enlightening. During and after these class sessions, students have an excellent networking opportunity, as well as the chance to observe and assimilate the leadership skills of individuals who have risen to the highest levels in business, government and their professions.

Putting Theory Into Practice

This simultaneous work/study program and its integrated design yield immediate dividends to students and their organizations. Faculty members are skilled in presenting knowledge, theory and the first level of application to the students’ real-world challenges. Subsequently, peer-to-peer discussions, building on each student’s own experience and success, allow students to strategize and problem-solve to the immediate benefit of their organizations.

Extraordinary Accessibility

Faculty members are always accessible to students. They understand that the Executive MBA learning process continues beyond the classroom and make themselves readily available at a personal level. The program’s weeklong on-campus immersions encourage student-faculty interaction and networking.