The Notre Dame Executive MBA

South Bend Executive MBA

The Notre Dame Executive MBA program in South Bend delivers an extraordinary business education experience.

Our concise, 21-month program is ranked 15th internationally by the The Economist and 15th by Businessweek in recent surveys of the world’s top Executive MBA programs. The Thursday through Saturday, once-a-month schedule allows our executive students to meet all of the demands placed on them: continual performance in their careers, family and personal responsibilities and their new individual dedication to grow themselves through the program.

The Notre Dame Executive MBA begins with our signature leadership program, Executive Integral Leadership (EIL), developing your capacity to consider challenges and opportunities from a values-based approach. We build on that foundation through our Strategic Thinking course to develop an executive's perspective in our graduates. This approach brings the functional courses to life, teaching you how to evaluate information and make decisions with an executive’s perspective.

Our faculty members enjoy teaching in our program because they appreciate engaging students who are working on the front lines of business – they create a classroom dialogue where their knowledge and experiences mingle with those of our students, creating a dynamic learning environment.

The students come from a variety of industries across the country. In addition to our four-state region—Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana—students join us from across the US, Mexico and Canada. The diversity of perspectives enhances the classroom experience.

Several other signature components distinguish the Notre Dame Executive MBA program, including:

  • International Immersion: A one-week International Immersion provides a capstone to your first year studies, providing action-based learning working on a strategic business issue in an international setting.
  • Customized Studies: Electives Week, and your choice of International Project, provides an opportunity for each student to tailor their educational experience across a number of current business topics.
  • The Notre Dame Family: Notre Dame’s worldwide network offers unparalleled career and personal support to graduates of all programs.