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Cutting out the middleman isn’t always best for the consumer

November 9, 2009

Many consumers may believe that cutting out the middleman leads to lower prices. But that isn't necessarily so, according to research by Notre Dame business professors Daewon Sun and Xuying Zhao, who recently won a best paper award for their research.
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Notre Dame finance professors take first place for investor research

November 5, 2009

Investors may have a lot of information available to them, but identifying what sources they are really paying attention to can be difficult. Zhi Da and Pengjie Gao won first place for a paper that examines how investors search for information.
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Why do good firms lose their way?

October 29, 2009

Management Professor Emily Block and colleagues study corporate pressures that may induce risk-seeking behavior.
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In a corporate crisis, what would you say?

October 20, 2009

Students in Management Professor James S. O'Rourke's Corporate Communication class analyze ethical and reputational issues.
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Tonia Murphy wins Outstanding Paper Award for research on reneging

August 24, 2009

Tonia Hap Murphy, associate professional specialist in Accountancy, won the Ralph C. Hoeber Outstanding Article Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Her paper discussed the ethical and legal considerations surrounding reneging on a job.
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Financial crisis fallout: compensation changes, more regulation

July 21, 2009

Assistant Finance Professor Matthew Cain answers questions about the finance industry, executive compensation and what he thinks lies ahead for the economy.
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At work, cultural bias beats out good intentions

June 18, 2009

Despite workers’ best intentions to be unbiased, employees still tend to be influenced by cultural biases when it comes to judging co-workers’ competency and warmth, according to a study by Diana Jimeno-Ingrum. She also finds that diversity
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Business faculty receive grant for teen obesity project

April 24, 2009

Notre Dame faculty members Elizabeth Moore and Corey Angst are working with a local physicians group to combat teen obesity using text messaging, social networking sites and other communications technology.
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Notre Dame conference brings in top economists

April 13, 2009

Mendoza College of Business Conference on the Future of Securities Regulation.
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Increasingly, consumers see the world through marketing-colored glasses

March 1, 2009

Marketing Professor John Sherry.
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