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Bill D McDonald

Thomas A. and James J. Bruder Professor of Administrative Leadership


Bill McDonald has been at the University of Notre Dame since receiving his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 1979. He worked in a Vice President position at the Schwab Center for Investment Research in San Francisco during the Internet boom/bust. His work at Schwab involved implementing online financial planning software, including a patented portfolio optimization package. He has consulted for major investment banks, brokerages, and stock exchanges and served as an expert witness. His research is predominantly in capital markets and he has more than 30 publications spanning leading journals in finance, accounting, management science, and economics. He is currently serving concurrent appointments at Notre Dame as Professor of Finance and Faculty Liaison for Information Technology and is the Thomas A. and James J. Bruder Chair in Administrative Leadership.




  • Applied Investment Management
  • Investment Theory
  • Corporate Investments



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