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Suzanne Coshow

Associate Professional Specialist


Since completing her dissertation in political sociology on the Social Bases of State Policies, Dr. Coshow has published and presented her research both within and outside of academia. Recent publications include a peer-reviewed article on the employee satisfaction of nurses at mid-career, work on the relationship between labor organization and quality of life, and extensive applied work on employee engagement while working for a for-profit survey research firm in the health care sector. Her research and teaching interests cover a broad range under the umbrella of public and applied sociology, including: futures studies research, sustainability issues in business and society, economic and social policies, inequality, and media studies.




  • Jr Research Challenge Foresight in Business & Society
  • Jr Research Challenge: Foresight in Business & Society
  • Principles of Management
  • Junior Reserach Challenge: Foresight in Business & Society
  • Junior Research Challenge: Foresight in Business and Society


"The Big Dip: Decrements in RN Satisfaction at Mid-Career," (with Paul Davis, Robert J. Wolosin),  Journal of Nursing Economics, 27, February, 2009, 15-18.

Book Articles and Chapters

Labor organization and the quality of life in the American states, (with Benjamin Radcliff), Edward Edgar (October (4th Quarter/Autumn)2009).


Suzanne Coshow, Jennifer S Leigh, Janet McCollum, Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Academy of Management, Brock University, St. Catherines, Canada, "Does sustainability edcuation in management even matter?" (June 2012).

Suzanne Coshow, Alison K Levey, National Undergraduate Business Symposium (NUBS)/William & Mary, College of William & Mary, "Business for the Future: The Foresight Course at ND," (April8, 2011).


Jennifer Leigh, Janet McCollum, "Changing Footprints: The Impact of Teaching Sustainability in B-School on Self-Reported Environmental Footprint Behavior."

Jim Williams, Joel Steiner, "Opening Door & Changing Lives: The Economic Impact of Habitat for Humanity, St. Joseph County."