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Xuying Zhao

Assistant Professor


Xuying Zhao conducts research on supply chain management and service operations management. In recent papers, she has investigated theoretical models of channel competition and coordination, advance selling strategy, time based competition in service industry, and inventory management with limited demand information. Xuying teaches core courses on business process analytics. After gaining a BA in Computer Science from ZheJiang University in China, she was a software engineer for Microsoft. She subsequently earned an M.S. and Ph.D in Management Science from University of Texas at Dallas.




  • Introduction to Process Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management


"Newsvendor Problems with Demand Shocks and Unknown Demand Distributions," (with Shawn O'Neil, Daewon Sun, Jerry C Wei), To appear in Decision Science.

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Pang Zhan, "Profiting from Demand Uncertainty: Pricing Strategies in Advance Selling."

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