• Bishop Kevin Dowling.  Bishop Kevin Dowling is the Bishop of Rustenberg, South Africa, a poor mining area with a very high rate of HIV/AIDS infection.  In 2005, Bishop Dowling was awarded Time  Magazine's European Hero Award, in recognition of his efforts to raise money for AIDS prevention programs. (Click here to view powerpoint presentation)

  • Sir Mark Moody-Stuart KCMG, Ph.D. Mark Moody-Stuart is chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Global Compact Foundation. He is currently the Chairman of Hermes Ownership Service Limited and was past Chairman of Anglo American plc. and the Shell Group. After a doctorate in geology in 1966 at Cambridge, he worked for Shell starting as an exploration geologist, living in Holland, Spain, Oman, Brunei, Australia, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia and the UK.

  • Georg Kell.  Georg Kell is the Executive Head of the United Nations Global Compact.

  • Jonas Haertle.  Jonas Haertle is the Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education Secretariat.

  • Ambassador Philip Parham.  Ambassador Philip Parham is the Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations from the United Kingdom.  Before working in government service, Philip Parham served 10 years as an investment banker with Morgan Grenfell and then Barclays de Zoette Wedd, spending six of those years in Japan.  His first foreign service assignment was as Head of Pakistan/Afghanistan Section from 1992 to 1994.  He also served in Washington as First Secretary covering UN, Africa and Asia; then in Riyadh as Director, Trade & Investment for Saudi Arabia; then Head of the Iraq Operations Unit; the Head of Counter-Terrorism Policy Department.  Before coming to the UN, Parham was the British High Commissioner (i.e. Ambassador) to Tanzania (2006-2009).

  • Carolyn Y. Woo.  Carolyn Woo is the Dean of the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.

  • Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C.  Oliver Williams is a member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Global Compact Foundation and director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business. Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C. Video 1, Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C. Video 2  

  • Lee A. Tavis.  Lee Tavis is C.R. Smith Professor of Finance, Emeritus of the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.  His areas of expertise are International Financial Management, and Multinational Corporate Ethics.  (Bio and Research.)

  • Arvid Johnson.  Arvid Johnson is Dean, Brennan School of Business, Dominican University, River Forest, IL.
  • Lila Karbassi. General Manager, U.N. Global Compact Environmental Initiative.
  • Mark R. Kennedy.  Mark R. Kennedy served three terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and has had major leadership positions in the private sector, traveling to nearly 40 countries in the last three decades.  With experiences as a U.S. Congressman, a Fortune 100 senior executive (Macy's), a global executive with Accenture, a University of Michigan MBA (with distinction) and active engagement with leaders in 40 countries, Mark Kennedy, as Chief Executive Officer of Chartwell Strategic Advisors LLC, is now focused on teaching, speaking and advising on corporate strategy.  A special focus is on integratign nonmarket considerations into business strategy. (Click here to view powerpoint presentation)