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About Us

About Us

The Irish Impact Social Entrepreneurship Conference, held October 2 – 4 on the beautiful University of Notre Dame campus, is co-sponsored by the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship and FISH Inc. (Fellow Irish Social Hub).

Gigot and FISH are committed to the advancement of socially responsible forms of business and to engage and promote new and creative ways of using business as a tool to solve pressing social issues.  We encourage students and the Notre Dame community to think beyond personal wealth creation, and instead, consider creating wealth and delivering lasting impact to disenfranchised communities around the world.

Social entrepreneurship is more than just well-intentioned philanthropy.  It provides a vital link between economic AND social value.

The Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship was founded in 1998 for the purpose of fostering innovation and infusing aspiring entrepreneurs with a sense of the possible.  Through rigorous coursework, our business plan competitions, extensive networking and mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences, we provide students and the Notre Dame community with the knowledge and necessary skills so vital to entrepreneurship.

We seek to develop individuals who have a vision for a for-profit venture, as well as “intrapreneurs” who seek to bring innovation to an existing enterprise.  And in keeping with the Mendoza College mission to Ask More of Business™, the Gigot Center actively supports the social entrepreneur who uses business skills and knowledge to serve the greater good.

The Gigot Center is associated with the Mendoza College of Business Department of Management.

The Fellow Irish Social Hub, or FISH Inc., is an independent, nonprofit organization that invites University of Notre Dame students, faculty, administrators and alumni, as well as local community members to develop socially innovative ideas into for-purpose enterprises.  FISH provides a full suite of incubation services to promising social entrepreneurs through a centralized infrastructure.  This support hub connects inspired intellectual and human capital with vital sources of professional and financial capital to deliver positive, sustainable change to the afflicted populations amongst us.

To this end, FISH is thrilled to join the Gigot Center in co-sponsoring what we hope will become a seminal piece of the Notre Dame social entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Irish Impact Social Entrepreneurship Conference.

FISH is located at Innovation Park at Notre Dame • 1400 East Angela Boulevard • South Bend, IN 46617 .