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Jeffrey J. Burks

Associate Professor


Jeff Burks is an Associate Professor of Accountancy and the Deloitte Faculty Fellow. He researches financial accounting issues, focusing on public policy questions. In recent papers he has examined the surge in accounting restatements after passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the role of fair value accounting in the recent financial crisis. His coauthored paper, "A Convenient Scapegoat: Fair Value Accounting by Commercial Banks during the Financial Crisis," was awarded the FARS Best Paper, selected from all financial accounting and reporting studies published in the previous five years. Burks has taught Accountancy I and Measurement and Disclosure I. He received a PhD from the University of Iowa in 2007, majoring in accounting and minoring in finance. He has an MBA from Creighton University and a BBA from the University of Notre Dame, and worked as an internal auditor in the financial services industry.



  • Accountancy I


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