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Management Department Articles for '2011'

New director named for University of Notre Dame entrepreneurship center

December 13, 2011

Gigot Center co-founder Jeff Bernel takes over the entrepreneurship center.
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Researchers Find Out Why Nice Guys Do Finish Last

December 6, 2011

This International Business Times Australia article discusses Management Professor Timothy Judge's research on how agreeable workers earn lower incomes than less agreeable ones.
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Beyond Greed, We All Have Blind Spots

October 25, 2011

In this Forbes article, Management Professor Ann Tenbrunsel discusses her book, "Blindspots: Why We Fail to do What's Right and What to do About it."
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Why being a jerk at work pays

October 20, 2011

Management Professor Timothy Judge's research is cited in The Daily Beast article.
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Business Ethics Expert to Speak at Science Museum

October 19, 2011

Management Professor Ann Tenbrunsel discusses the current ethical issues in business leadership and what needs to change in this interview for an NPR affiliate.
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Sixty seconds, dozens of great entrepreneurial ideas

September 28, 2011

The Ideas Challenge, the annual kick-off event for the Notre Dame Business Plan Competition, drew a record number of would-be entrepreneurs.
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Study: Highest-Paid CEOs Get Largest Raises

September 19, 2011

Adam Wowak, assistant professor of management, is quoted in this Inside INdiana Business article about CEOs with the highest salaries being more vulnerable to dismissal if they make mistakes.
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Rich get richer: Study shows cumulatively overpaid CEOs get the highest raises

September 19, 2011

Notre Dame researcher Adam Wowak found that 'overpaid' CEOs tend to get the biggest raises.
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Why Chase is opening branches, not closing them

September 16, 2011

Chase CEO Ryan McInerney ('97) explains why his bank is building branches while others are retrenching
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GM chief to present ‘Boardroom Insights’ at Notre Dame

September 7, 2011

Boardroom Insights gets under way with GM CEO Daniel Akerson presenting first talk.
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