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Management Department Articles for '2013'

ND business prof wins research award for study on product recalls

November 18, 2013

Kaitlin Wowak's study examining how companies manage food recalls won a research award from the Decision Sciences Institute.
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Business as an instrument of peace

November 13, 2013

Father Oliver Williams' new book provides a comprehensive look at corporate social responsibility and how CSR might change the world for the better.
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Second Annual Irish Impact Conference will gather social entrepreneurs from around the world

September 26, 2013

The Irish Impact Social Entrepreneurship Conference will gather hundreds of entrepreneurs, experts and students during the three-day event.
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A $10,000 Bonus For Being A Jerk

September 20, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted in this Forbes article about his research on being “disagreeable” in the workplace.
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Samsung and Qualcomm make foray into smartwatch market

September 4, 2013

Reuters quotes Management Professor Brian Proffitt on the price of the new Samsung smartwatch.
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Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch; new Galaxy Note

September 4, 2013

Management Professor Brian Proffitt is quoted in this Washington Post article about consumers that will purchase the new smartwatch.
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Looks And Personality Affect How Your Colleagues Treat You

August 2, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted in this Red Orbit article about his research that links attractiveness to cruelty in the workplace.
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Apple nabs Locationary in maps battle

July 19, 2013

This USA Today quotes Management Professor Brian Proffitt on Apple’s purchase of Locationary.
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Here is why work is like high school, and it should make you sad

July 18, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted about attractiveness and cruelty in the workplace in this IT World article.
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CEO retreat brings Ireland's 'top business minds' to Notre Dame

June 17, 2013

Irish business entrepreneurs participated in continuing executive education lectures and seminars on innovation, business ethics and the global impact of business policy and practice at the Mendoza College of Business.
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