Master of Science in Accountancy


faculty landing

As the intellectual and inspirational power behind our renowned academic programs, our faculty is unquestionably our principal resource. Notre Dame faculty members are drawn to our great university based on our foundation in ethics-based decision making and the unbridled discussion that can occur in a faith-based setting. They appreciate an emphasis on both excellence in research and teaching. They value relationships and take tremendous pride in their students’ successes. They go the extra mile to help students with their studies and provide advice on their career search.

Faculty members teaching required accounting courses include James Seida, an Associate Professor of Accountancy, who teaches both the financial and tax tracks; Jim Wittenbach and Ken Milani, Professors of Accountancy, who teach in the tax track; and Peter Easton, Dave Ricchiute and Jim Fuehrmeyer, Professors of Accountancy who teach in the financial track. Each brings a wealth of experience and education to the MS in Accountancy program.