Master of Science in Accountancy

Master of Science in Accountancy Alumni/Current Student Endorsement Form

The most recent Public Accounting Report ranks the Notre Dame MSA program No. 1 for like–sized programs (16-21 Accounting faculty), and No. 4 in the nation overall. Those rankings aren’t by chance.

We hold ourselves to a greater standard than most other MSA programs, and we seek the same from prospective students. That’s why we’re inviting you, MSA alumni and current students, to recommend prospective students to apply to the ND MSA program.

Whether you’re a current student or an alumnus, you understand the rigor of our program. And because of that, we value your opinion, and we know you are better able to recognize prospective students who have the academic excellence, critical thinking and personal accountability necessary to thrive in our MSA program.

So we must ask: Do you know a student with the required accounting background who is interested in applying to our MSA program? If you do, please complete this endorsement form to share your support for the candidate. Your information will be included in the candidate’s file, which will be reviewed by the Notre Dame MSA Admissions Committee. We also will share this information with the student candidate to let him or her know about your endorsement.

What’s more, as a prospective student who received a referral from a current student or alumnus, the prospective student is eligible to apply to the program for free by using an application promo code, which will be sent to him or her via email.

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