Student studying

You have a passion. Whether it is the arts, anthropology, writing, history, philosophy, statistics, politics, chemical engineering, mathematics or one of any number of non-business majors. Your chosen course of study as an undergraduate student represents your unique value proposition—it is who you are and what you love.

The Notre Dame Master of Science in Management (MSM) program provides you with a broad-based business education that bridges your passion—and your other marketable skills such as thinking critically, absorbing and assessing complex material, and communicating—to establish a new career in business.

The program teaches you the necessary language of business—tools, skills and processes—to give your business career an accelerated start. With the graduate business degree you will be ready to read a financial statement, engage in a conversation with a brand manager, analyze operational issues, manage a project and all of its complexities, and much more. Through our signature course, Bridge I, you will explore your individual area of undergraduate study and how it has uniquely positioned you for success in your field of interest when coupled with a business education.