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Mendoza Management prof wins significant award for workplace research

September 1, 2014

Management Professor Tim Judge 2014 Scholarly Achievement Award, given by the Human Resource Division of the Academy of Management for the most significant article published during 2013.
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Stay Metrics Names Tim Judge Research Director

July 3, 2014

South Bend-based Stay Metrics has named Management Professor Tim Judge director of research.
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3 Kinds of Professionals Who Can Benefit From an EMBA

March 20, 2014

Paul Velasco, Director of Executive Education, is quoted in this U.S. News & World Report article about professionals from the information technology field drawn to EMBA programs.
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Economist gives ND MBA top ratings for ‘potential to network’

March 6, 2014

Thanks to the strength of the ND alumni network, ND MBA earned a global ranking of No. 6 for "potential to network" on The Economist survey of top business schools.
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Postal Service, union wrangle over Staples

January 19, 2014

Management Professor James O’Rourke is quoted in this USA Today article about labor officials reaction to the opening of Postal Service retail centers.
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Postal Workers Union Unhappy with New Staples' Postal Counters

January 19, 2014

ABC News Radio quotes Management Professor James O’Rourke about the postal workers union reaction to Postal Counters at Staples.
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A $10,000 Bonus For Being A Jerk

September 20, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted in this Forbes article about his research on being “disagreeable” in the workplace.
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Unattractive People Are Targets For Cruelty At Work

August 31, 2013

Research by Management Professor Tim Judge on whether less attractive people are treated poorly in the workplace is discussed in this Psychology Today blog.
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Does Your Office Have a Bully?

August 5, 2013

This PayScale article quotes Management Professor Tim Judge about employees who bully coworkers based on their attractiveness.
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Looks And Personality Affect How Your Colleagues Treat You

August 2, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted in this Red Orbit article about his research that links attractiveness to cruelty in the workplace.
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