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Stay Metrics Names Tim Judge Research Director

July 3, 2014

South Bend-based Stay Metrics has named Management Professor Tim Judge director of research.
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ND marketing professor John Sherry wins research award

June 6, 2014

Marketing Professor John Sherry's paper into how companies' manage changing their market orientation recently won a major research award.
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Short People Got … Lots of Reasons to Legitimately Feel Paranoid

February 16, 2014

National Geographic quotes Management Professor Tim Judge on the impact of height and personal success.
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ND Ethics Week 2014: Viewing business as a ministry

February 3, 2014

The annual Notre Dame Ethics Week features speakers presenting a variety of perspectives of how a business career can mean the opportunity to impact others for the better.
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Business as an instrument of peace

November 13, 2013

Father Oliver Williams' new book provides a comprehensive look at corporate social responsibility and how CSR might change the world for the better.
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Tailgating gets online playbooks

November 8, 2013

Marketing Professor John Sherry discusses his research into tailgating as a cultural ritual in this New York Times article.
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A $10,000 Bonus For Being A Jerk

September 20, 2013

Management Professor Tim Judge is quoted in this Forbes article about his research on being “disagreeable” in the workplace.
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Deloitte exec Owen Ryan: Ethics, Reputation and the Bottom Line

September 6, 2013

Owen Ryan, CEO of Deloitte & Touche’s AERS Advisory practice, discussed the complexity and importance of managing ethical dilemmas during this 2013 Berges lecture.
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How Steve Jobs and Apple turned technology into a religion

September 1, 2013

Visiting Marketing Professor Brett Robinson is quoted in this Los Angeles Times article about Steve Jobs and Apple.
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Unattractive People Are Targets For Cruelty At Work

August 31, 2013

Research by Management Professor Tim Judge on whether less attractive people are treated poorly in the workplace is discussed in this Psychology Today blog.
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