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E Insights Course-Funding Your Venture: Debartolo Hall 126

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October 15
5:05 p.m.-6:20 p.m.


DeBartolo Hall

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, public, alumni


Getting a start-up funded isn’t easy. Raising money is one of the entrepreneur’s biggest challenges. Bootstrapping is an essential technique for many start-ups and can provide the most profitable long-term results and the greatest return on investment for its entrepreneurs. Traditional dept financing, friends and family, angel investors and venture capital are other common ways of raising money.  “I’ve heard that venture capital firms want to take too much equity and control of my business, and angel investors aren’t taking enough interest – so how do I raise enough capital to start my business? What’s appropriate for me and where do I begin?” Funding Your Venture will explore the various ways in which an entrepreneur can seek equity and debt funding.

 Panel discussion to include:  Gale Bowman, Managing Director of the IrishAngels Investing group; Gene Cavanaugh, First Source Bank; and representatives of our venture capital and private equity networks.