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E Insights Course-Relationship Challenges for Entrepreneurs

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November 12
5:05 p.m.- 6:20 p.m.

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, public, alumni


Elisa Podrasky


 The dynamics of family relationships within startup ventures is important to consider.  Founders discover that there are incredible demands on their time, stress levels are high, challenges are significant, and risk is considerable.  All of these can strain relationships with spouses and family members, as they can create considerable pressure within the family. It’s vital that we discuss the impact on relationships and understand what founders should expect.  Successful entrepreneurs Larry and Caryl Abdo will share their perspective on this topic.  From transforming an old soup kitchen into a boutique hotel to starting a vintage hamburger joint, the Abdo’s have made business a family affair. Larry and his wife Caryl, have four children who all work for one Abdo enterprise or another and have since they were kids.  As they will attest, relationship issues are important to consider.  This promises to be an entertaining and insightful session!

 Led by Larry and Caryl Abdo, founders, the Abdo Markethouse