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EI Course-Entrepreneurship:Impact on Society and the Future

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September 3
5:05 pm-6:20 pm


DeBartolo Hall

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, alumni


Karen Slaggert


Why is it so important to talk about entrepreneurship? What role do entrepreneurs play in our future?  How do entrepreneurs – traditional or corporate – fit into the future? Change is accelerating, driven partly by exploding rates of technological change; rapidly changing political, demographic and economic climates; an increasing awareness of sustainable development; and a laser focus on preserving the environment. As a result, governments and business organizations are pressed to better anticipate change and understand the implications and opportunities that may evolve in a future that promises to be very different from today.  Entrepreneurs will play a critically important role in shaping this future, so it’s important that we consider this unique opportunity for entrepreneurs from the outset.

Led by Sam Miller, Associate Professional Specialist in the Mendoza College of Business