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EI Course-Recognizing Opportunities and Developing Ideas

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September 24
5:05 pm-6:20 pm


Mendoza Giovanini Commons

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, public, alumni


Elisa Podrasky


Recognizing Opportunities and Developing Ideas

Business runs on ideas.  Those companies most skilled in identifying big new ideas have the highest odds of driving growth and creating shareholder value.  Identifying, recognizing and creating opportunities is the first most critical step to grow the business for leaders of startups OR established organizations.  Tonight we will cover the key steps consumer goods companies follow to create winning ideas:  identifying gaps in the marketplace, defining the target audience, generating ideas, developing and qualifying the best ideas, understanding how an idea becomes a profitable opportunity and gaining retailer acceptance.  This session will be highly interactive with class members having the opportunity to participate in the development of new ideas based on a real world current business situation.  Whether you see yourself as an emerging entrepreneur or intrapreneur, this session will provide you with a clear understanding of how to effectively bring new ideas to life.

Led by Liz Harvey, Managing Partner, Quintessent Marketing