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E Insights Course-Building a Solid and Effective Management Team

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October 29
5:05 p.m.-6:20 p.m.


DeBartolo Hall

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, public, alumni


Elisa Podrasky


 Building a solid management team is critical at every stage for a startup, whether preparing for eventual funding or financing or developing an exit strategy, yet presents many challenges.  Attention to operations and corporate governance is critical in the early years from many perspectives. Along with sales and marketing, it is essential to consider and properly address the financial, human resources, regulatory, and risk management needs of a business.  As a result, the need for a solid, realistic plan is important, and hiring the right people to execute the plan becomes crucial.  It’s vital to pay attention to the important details from the start! Allowing pivotal company decisions to be made by others without (much) meddling can be personally challenging, but entrepreneurs who build strong management teams will be liberated to focus on strategic issues while confidently delegating day-to-day tasks to those more skilled in these areas. Making the wrong hiring decision can have serious consequences. The challenges are significant, thus the need to address this important topic.

 Led byRenee Curreri, Founder, Fortius Business Solutions