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E Insights Course-Corporate Entrepreneurship or "Intrapreneurship"

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November 5
5:05 p.m.- 6:20 p.m.


DeBartolo Hall

Open to:

students, faculty, staff, public, alumni


Elisa Podrasky


 We live in a time of global entrepreneurial revolution.  The development, application and enhancement of new technologies are occurring at a breathtaking pace.  As the number of new ventures, products, technologies and patents literally explode worldwide, established companies are faced with a fundamental choice.  They can either become victims of this revolution as aggressive, upstart firms move quickly in understanding their positions in existing markets (or creating entire new markets), or they can join the revolution by transforming themselves innovatively. We will examine the importance of innovation, and the unique role that has evolved for entrepreneurially-minded, innovative individuals who have become critical for corporate success.  Thinking entrepreneurially is a marketable, necessary skill for anyone who hopes to be on the fast track within any successful organization!

Led by Gaylene Anderson, Senior Innovations Officer, Cleveland Clinic Healthcare Innovation Alliance for the University of Notre Dame