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Mendoza Dean Helps Present CEO Sustainability Study

June 24, 2010

Dean Carolyn Woo presents a CEO sustainability survey at the United Nations
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Europe cuts deep, the U.S. spends on

June 22, 2010

Finance Professor Jeff Bergstrand is quoted in this article about the deficit and economic recovery
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National City banks ready to be PNC in Elkhart County, all of Indiana

June 11, 2010

Finance Professor, Tom Cosimano, is quoted in this article about National City Bank switching to PNC
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ND Prof says oil spill a public relations crisis for BP

June 10, 2010

Notre Dame business communication expert James O'Rourke is interviewed about BP's handling of crisis communications regarding the oil spill in the Gulf.
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BP Rolling Out New Ads Aimed at Repairing Image

June 7, 2010

Management Professor Jim O'Rourke is quoted in this article about BP’s attempts to repair its image in the wake of the oil spill. He refers to BP CEO Tony Hayward’s communication missteps and says that BP has spent too much time cleaning up his gaffes.
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P&G scrambles to stem Pampers brouhaha

May 15, 2010 quotes marketing professor Patrick Murphy about Procter & Gamble's encounter with the oline world of bloggers and social networking
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Future of video stores questioned after chain's closure

May 11, 2010

WSBT interviews Marketing Professor Pat Murphy about the future of video stores
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Notre Dame Competitions Announce Winners

May 4, 2010

A business approach catering to the needs of college students studying abroad has claimed top prize in the 10th annual McCloskey Business Plan Competition at the University of Notre Dame.
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Top 5 Undergraduate Business Schools: Teaching Our Business Leaders of Tomorrow

April 30, 2010

The Mendoza College of Business is listed as the top business school by Kimberly Cummings of Associated Content
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Workshop to focus on nonprofit boards

April 27, 2010

Tom Harvey, The Luke McGuinness Director of Nonprofit Professional Development, discusses an upcoming workshop on nonprofit boards
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