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Contrary to popular belief, investment banks do add value to M&As, new study shows

May 21, 2012

According to new research by Finance Professor Matt Cain, investment banks add value to mergers and acquisitions.
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When scandal gets you down, study reveals, talk yourself up – sometimes

March 30, 2012

Choosing the right strategy to rebuild a reputation depends on whether you're known for character or capability, say ND management researchers.
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More than tree hugging: Green companies earn more 'green,' new study shows

March 27, 2012

Bank branches built to meet sustainability standards also had better financial performance as well, according to research by Notre Dame management professors..
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Notre Dame Expert: The Buffett Rule is not a simple tax on the wealthy

January 30, 2012

The Buffett Rule is intended to increase taxes on wealthy Americans, but it may have repercussions for U.S. jobs, says Brad Badertscher.
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ND Finance Expert: State of the Union analysis

January 26, 2012

Finance Professor Jeff Bergstrand analysed the State of the Union address, noting the renewed emphasis on education to improve jobs numbers.
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New Research: Electronic medical records have potential to save lives, money, time

April 29, 2011

Digital health records could reduce the number of medical errors and save lives, according to Management Professor Corey Angst.
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Notre Dame research exposes corporate greenwashing

March 16, 2011

Sarv Devaraj is featured in this article about his research on companies that boast excessively about their energy efficiency and carbon-intensity results and their actual performance.
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Talk Big on Sustainability? You May Have Higher Emissions

March 15, 2011

In this Environmental Leader article and video, management professor Sarv Devaraj talks about his research about companies that use key words related to sustainability in their annual reports.
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ND Sustainability Research: Corporate walk needs to catch up to talk

March 1, 2011

Companies that use sustainability keywords most often in their financial reports actually may have lower environmental performance levels, according to Devaraj's research.
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ND Sustainability Research: What carbon emissions say about firm value

March 1, 2011

New accountancy research looks at the relationship between a company's carbon emission levels and the value of the firm.
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