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Research: Google can help predict stock market

February 22, 2011

Zhi Da and Pengjie (Paul) Gao, assistant finance professors, continue to be recognized for their research that examines the correlation between Google search frequency and investor attention.
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Attention bubbles

February 17, 2011

Finance professors Zhi Da and Paul Gao are featured in this article about their research on a new and direct measure of investor attention using search frequency in Google.
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Frogs, momentum and investment

February 7, 2011

In this Investors Chronicle article, Zhi Da, Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance, says it's because investors have limited attention; they simply cannot monitor all news about all shares.
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ND Expert: New bidders in J. Crew deal face uphill battle due to MBO controversies

January 12, 2011

Management Buyouts (MBOs) are becoming increasingly common, but shareholders may not be getting the best deal, says Cain.
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Circumstantial, but true?

December 15, 2010

Research by a team of academics that included Mendoza's Andriy Bodnaruk found signs of insider trading by financial conglomerates
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ND Management Professor earns ‘best paper’ award for greenwashing research

November 22, 2010

Management Professor Sarv Devaraj wins a research award for his study of how companies' reports about sustainability efforts relates to actual performance.
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Want a happier workforce? Go green, says ND researcher

October 14, 2010

Research being conducted on sustainable dairy farms shows that employees are likelier to feel happier about their jobs when their efforts contribute to more than profit-making.
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Doctors' tech adoption influenced by social circle

September 13, 2010

Management professor Corey Angst in quoted in this article about his research on hospitals adopting electronic medical records
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Promises Aren't Enough: Business Schools Need to Do a Better Job Teaching Students Values

August 23, 2010

Marketing professor Joe Urbany's research paper, "How to Make Values Count in Everyday Decisions" was mentioned in this article about teaching ethics.
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Falling dominoes: Influential hospitals can help speed adoption of electronic medical records

August 16, 2010

Management professors Corey Angst and Ken Kelley discuss their research about using a "social contagion" model to study the diffusion of electronic medical records in U.S. hospitals.
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