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Berges Lecture Series

John Montgomery, CEO, Bridgeway Capital Management

September 27, 2010

John Montgomery

John Montgomery is the founder of Bridgeway Capital Management, the Bridgeway family of mutual funds, and Bridgeway Foundation. Since its inception in 1993, Bridgeway has differentiated itself in the marketplace through its commitment to values of integrity and financial stewardship. Other distinguishing aspects of Bridgeway’s culture include servant leadership, donating half of company profits to non-profit endeavors, involving all partners (all full time staff) in this philanthropic process and in transformative community and world change, and capping the highest-paid partner’s compensation at seven times that of the lowest compensated partner.

John counts faith as the center and source of his life's calling: peacemaking and ending genocide. John lives with his wife Ann in his native Houston. They have three very international adult daughters. John holds degrees in philosophy and engineering from Swarthmore College and advanced degrees in engineering from MIT and business from Harvard.

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