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Colleen Barrett, President, Southwest Airlines

September 12, 2008

Colleen Barrett

Colleen C. Barrett is currently President of Southwest Airlines Co., a high-frequency, low-fare, point-to-point airline which prides itself in its excellent Customer Service qualities.* In that capacity, she oversees management, Leadership, and budget responsibilities over the following areas/groups: the Senior Vice President Marketing (Marketing, Sales & Distribution; Online Marketing; Revenue Management & Pricing); the Senior Vice President Corporate Communications (Pass Bureau; Emergency Response; Public Relations & Community Affairs; Community Relations & Charitable Giving; Employee Communications; Legislative Awareness); the Senior Vice President Chief People & Administration Officer (People [Human Resources]; Leadership Development & Training; Manager in Training programs; University for People; Performance Reviews; Talent Development; Onboarding Program); the Vice President Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards; the Vice President Labor & Employee Relations (Labor & Employment Law; Employee Relations; FMLA/ADA; Labor Relations & Negotiations); the Vice President Reservations; the Director Corporate Security; and the Executive Office Staff. She is a member of the Company’s Executive Planning Committee, and she chairs numerous special Teams, task forces, and committees relating to Internal and External Southwest Customers. Prior to joining Southwest (in 1978), she worked for several years as an Executive Assistant to Herb Kelleher (Southwest’s former Executive Chairman) at his law firm. For Southwest Airlines, she served as a member of the Board of Directors from 2001 to 2008 and as Corporate Secretary from March 1978 to May 2008, and she served as Vice President Administration from 1986 to 1990; Executive Vice President Customers from 1990 to 2001; and President from 2001 to present.
Colleen is divorced; has one son and one grandson; is active in numerous civic and charitable organizations in Dallas, Texas; serves on the JCPenney Company, Inc. Board of Directors, the Ken Blanchard College of Business, and the Becker College Board of Trustees; and has served on numerous advisory boards and commissions.

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