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William Bastedo, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

September 2, 2009

William Bastedo

Mr. Bastedo, a Vice-President at Booz Allen Hamilton, received a B.S. degree and an M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. 


At Booz Allen, Mr. Bastedo directs all work that firm does with NASA which includes supporting some of NASA’s most important Programs:  the Space Shuttle Program, the International Space Station Program, the Constellation Program and many of its project offices.  In addition, he oversees work supporting 8 of the 10 NASA field centers, NASA HQ and work in Europe to support the European Space Agency.  He has personal expertise in the areas of design, development, test and operations of spacecraft, program management and systems engineering.  He is an expert on the International Space Station and Space Shuttle design and operations and current assignments keep him involved with the key issues in both Programs.  Mr. Bastedo personally led the “ISS Organizational Re-Engineering” contract which re-engineered all aspects of its program management processes and tools and helped to identify over $500M in cost savings for the International Space Station Program.


Prior to rejoining Booz·Allen, Mr. Bastedo held many key leadership positions with NASA. As the Launch Package/Project Manager for the first American Flight of the International Space Station Program, Mr. Bastedo was responsible for all aspects of the mission. This included management of all phases of design, manufacture and test of "Unity" flight hardware/software, on-orbit operations planning, integration with the Space Shuttle system and interface definition and integration with the first Russian-built FGB element. He defined, developed and managed a diverse team of civil servant and contractor personnel located across the United States and in Russia. As the pathfinder for the Program, his team developed the processes that are now being followed by all subsequent missions. In addition, he served as the first Increment Manager, responsible for all aspects of on-orbit operations until the arrival of the first crew. More than 100 percent of mission objectives were accomplished during the on-orbit assembly mission.


Mr. Bastedo served as the Associate Director of the Payloads Management and Operations Directorate at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). In this capacity, he managed technical and administrative matters for the Directorate which performed pre-launch processing of Space Shuttle and ELV payloads, Spacelab processing, Space Station pre-launch manufacture, test and launch vehicle integration, management of NASA ELV launch operations and development and maintenance of all related facilities. He led technical teams chartered to resolve complex issues that required integration across the Directorate and the Center.


Previously at KSC, Mr. Bastedo established and managed the Operations Analysis Office to measure Space Shuttle processing efficiency and to streamline operations. His team developed decision support tools, performed analysis and provided recommendations to processing teams based upon industrial engineering techniques such as statistical process control, work measurement, process re-engineering, probabilistic risk assessment, and process simulation modeling.


As the Chief of the System Analysis Branch of the Space Station Freedom Program Office in Reston, VA, Mr. Bastedo led systems engineering activities for the Program. Specifically, his team defined and managed the program baseline in the areas of assembly sequence, technical resource management and allocation, microgravity/vibrations management, and the overall external configuration. Additional areas of responsibility for analysis included structural modeling and loads/stress analysis, flight performance, and thermal analysis.


As an Associate with Booz·Allen & Hamilton, Mr. Bastedo managed the team that supported Systems Engineering activities on the Grumman-led SSEIC contract. The primary focus of the team was to define and manage on-orbit assembly sequence analyses. In addition Mr. Bastedo led tasks in support of NASA Headquarters in the areas of strategic planning, technology development planning and support to the Space Station Operations Task Force.


Mr. Bastedo is an accomplished speaker and regularly discusses a wide variety of topics at professional societies.

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