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Ten Years Hence 2009

The Ten Years Hence speaker series explores issues, ideas, and trends likely to affect business and society over the next decade. Students, faculty and the community use guest speaker comments as a springboard for structured speculation about emerging issues and the next ten years.

Ten Years Hence is sponsored by the O'Brien-Smith Leadership Program made possible by a generous endowment from William H. O'Brien (ND '40) and his wife, Dee.  The program is named after their respective parents. The O’Brien-Smith Program endowment provides an opportunity for students and faculty to interact with distinguished leaders from business, government, and non-profit sectors.


Peering into the Green Future: The Trends and Innovations Forging an Abundant Society in Balance with Nature

by Josh Dorfman, Founder and CEO, Vivavi

January 16, 2009

Josh Dorfman
Josh Dorfman is an environmental entrepreneur, media personality and author of The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living. He is also the founder and CEO of Vivavi, a retailer of green furniture and of the website, a green real estate directory for homeowners.
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Foresight Development in a World of Accelerating Change: Thoughts from an Evo Devo Futurist

by John Smart, President, Acceleration Studies Foundation

January 23, 2009

John Smart

John Smart is founder and president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, a nonprofit community that seeks to help individuals better understand and manage continuous accelerating change. He is a future and systems theorist who studies science and technological culture with an emphasis on accelerating change, evolutionary development, and human-independent machine learning.

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Energy Sustainability- A View to 2030

by Patrick T. Mulva, Vice President and Controller, Exxon Mobil Corporation

February 6, 2009

Patrick T. Mulva
Patrick T. Mulva is vice president and controller of ExxonMobil Corp. in Irving, Texas. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of Texas-San Antonio. He joined Exxon Mobil in 1976 as a financial analyst and held positions including vice president-investor relations and secretary. He was elected to his current position in 2004. He is chairman of the American Petroleum Institute’s General Committee on Finance and is a member of the Financial Executives International.
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Sustainability; Past, Present, and Future from a Corporate View

by Jean Sweeney, Vice President, Environmental, Health, and Safety Operations of 3M

February 13, 2009

Jean  Sweeney
Jean Sweeney is vice president of Environmental, Health and Safety Operation at 3M Corp., based in St. Paul, Minn. Her assignments with 3M have included product development and manufacturing management. She has served as manufacturing director for 3M Australia and managing director of 3M Taiwan.
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Keeping America Great

by David Walker, President and CEO, Peter G. Peterson Foundation

February 20, 2009

David Walker
As president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, David Walker advocates increasing public awareness of several key challenges in America's future, and encourages grassroots efforts to pressure Washington to act. He was Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office from 1998 to 2008. Prior to his appointment to the GAO, Walker served as a partner and global managing director of Arthur Andersen LLP and in several government leadership positions. He is the subject of the critically acclaimed 2008 documentary film on the national debt, “I.O.U.S.A.”
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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: The McDonald’s Story

by Jack Daly, Senior Vice President - Corporate Relations and Chief Communications Officer, McDonald's Corporation

March 20, 2009

Jack Daly
Jack Daly serves as senior vice president – Corporate Relations for McDonald’s Corporation. He is responsible for McDonald's global communications, which includes media relations, marketing communications, public relations, education initiatives, internal communications and government relations.
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Peering into the Green Future: The Trends and Innovations Forging an Abundant Society in Balance with Nature

by Edie Weiner, President and Author, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.

April 17, 2009

Edie Weiner
Edie Weiner is president of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., a futurist consulting group formed in 1977 that serves more than 300 clients in business, academia and government in identifying opportunities in marketing, product development, strategic planning, investments, human resources, public affairs and advertising. A contributor to publications including Harvard Business Review, The Futurist, and The Wall Street Journal, she is the co-author of several books including Insider’s Guide to the Future and FutureThink: How to Think Clearly in a Time of Change.