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Richard Sheehan conducts research on banking and the economics of sports. In recent papers, he has investigated the determinants of bank deposit pricing, the valuation of financial institutions’ core deposits, relationships among deposit rates and between deposit rates, and market rates. He also has examined the relationship between collegiate athletics and academics. Sheehan teaches the undergraduate macroeconomics course and the executive MBA course on the economics of the firm. He earned his undergraduate degree from College of the Holy Cross and his Ph.D. in Economics from Boston College. Before coming to Notre Dame, he was an economist at the Federal Reserve. He also served for eight years on the South Bend school board.




  • Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Economics of the Firm


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Book Articles and Chapters

Athletics, Academics and Finances, W.E. Upjohn (2000).

The Professionalization of College Sports, Greenwood Press (2000).


Keeping Score: The Economics of Big-Time Sports, Diamond Communications (1996).


"Do Sports Owners Maximize Profits?"