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Ray Powell SOUTH BEND - Emeritus professor Dr. Ray Powell, a loving husband, son, brother and uncle, had been a resident of South Bend, Indiana, since 1959.

Dr. Powell wrote four books during his tenure as chairman of the Department of Accounting for 18 years; the first was published in 1978. All of his books are still in publication today and available through the University of Notre Dame Press. He authored and developed accounting procedures for charitable and religious institutions, and developed management practices for "Not-for-Profit" organizations. All royalties were assigned to the Sisters of Notre Dame for a fund to educate young Holy Cross sisters. All four volumes are in the Vatican library. In 1980, Dr. Powell and his wife were requested by the University of Notre Dame to move to London, England, to continue an offshore university program allowing American students to gain experience in foreign cultures. The program was successful, and has blossomed into several countries including France, Austria, China, then to Rome and Jerusalem. He was a beloved husband, civic leader, professor, philosopher, teacher, humorist and contributor to the Edwina Powell Endowment Fund at St. Mary's College for Women at Notre Dame. Dr. Powell is also respected and remembered by his 8,000 students of accounting at Notre Dame.