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Calculating Elapsed Days

Calculate Duration Between Dates

Tax reporting for nonresident aliens for tax purposes includes the need to know how many days the taxpayer has been present in the United States for each year present. The count of days should be as accurate as possible. The IRS does not want estimates and expects the taxpayer to keep track during the year when entering and leaving the United States.

To assist in making a correct count, you can use the calculation tool below. When counting days of presence in the US, days of arrival and departure are to be included in the count of days present. When using the calculation tool, recognize that its calculation excludes the ending date of the date range you give it.

For example, if you arrived on August 8 and stayed in the US through December 31, you would have 146 day present in the US. To get that result from the calculation tool you would specify your date range as from August 8 to January 1 of the next year.

To use the calculation tool, press this link now: Elapsed Days.