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Sample Monetary Forms

Tax years match calendar years.  By law employers have the month of January following the close of the tax year to prepare the end-of-year reports that are sent to the federal and state governments as well as to individual taxpayers. Most W-2 forms must be mailed by no later than January 31.

NOTE: Your tax returns cannot be prepared until you have ALL of the earnings report forms (W2, 1042-S, 1099-MISC) in your possession.  Not all taxpayers will have all these income forms.  Notre Dame uses form 1042-S mainly for tax exempt income due to treaty provision and for taxable non-tuition scholarships.

The forms listed below are examples of the kind of report an employee would receive from an employer in early February. These forms are provided to give you an idea of what to expect. The government allows an employer to use variations of these forms that differ in appearance. The main requirement is that no matter the style of the form, the content must always be the same.

By becoming familiar with the type of data contained in the form, you should be able to satisfy yourself that what you receive from your different employers is same type of information no matter the shape and appearance of the form.

Samples of Forms Most Frequently Used

The W-2 form reports wages earned for services provided. It reports the gross income paid to an employee prior to any withholding of taxes. It also shows the amount and kind of taxes withheld for both federal and state governments. It shows earnings only. Other kinds of income are shown on other forms. You can view the W-2 here.  Normally students are exempt from FICA and Medicare taxes (see here for more information).  Exemption is especially true for work on campus while attending class.  Summer earnings may not be exempted.


The 1042-S form can report a variety of income types (scholarships, wages, etc). It also discloses whether treaty benefits have been used during the tax year. The types of income it reports are disclosed by a range of income codes shown in box 1. Your employer will send you multiple copies of this form and on the back side of one of them will be listed an explanation of the various codes used on the form. Should you have any questions about this form, please email the TAP with your concerns. You can view a sample 1042-S here. This form by law must be mailed no later than March 15. Because it must be included in the tax return, you will have to wait to receive it before preparing your returns.  Notre Dame tax department tries hard to mail this form between 2/15 and 2/28 each year.  You will not be able to obtain an appointment for tax return preparation until after these forms have been mailed.


Employers use form 1099-MISC for a variety of non-standard working relationships or special income situations that tax law requires be reported to the government. For example, lottery or other types of prizes won are reported here. Also, monetary awards (students who have won departmental awards could receive one of these forms) of various kinds can be shown on this form. Amounts paid to independent contractors also appear here. [For the reasons discussed here, you should be wary of your employer treating you as an independent contractor.]  Most people do not receive this form.  You can expect one provided your employer did not provide a regular paycheck weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.  Instead you were paid in a lump-sum sometime during your work.

Should you receive a form 1099-MISC, your income will likely be reported in boxes 3 or 7. Should you have any questions about this form, please email the TAP with your concerns. You can view form 1099-MISC here. This form by law must be mailed no later than January 31.

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