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Tax Year Graduation

The TAP will prepare federal and state tax returns for Notre Dame graduates for the tax year in which they graduate, even if no longer residing on or near campus, providing their earnings during the graduating tax year do not significantly exceed the TAP income limit.  This means total income for the tax year should not exceed 110% of the limit for that tax year.

An exception might be possible if the tax year of graduation is the tax client's 6th year of presence in the US.  This likely is the year of transition between filing as a nonresident for tax purposes and a resident for tax purposes.  Being married in the 6th year of presence in the US strengthens the willingness of the TAP to prepare the tax returns.  Being married and filing as a resident for tax purposes permits the tax clients to use the 'married filing jointly' category which has many more tax benefits than previous filings as a nonresident.

The agreement to file the return as an exception to the income limit rule is made solely at the discretion of the TAP.  In tax years following the graduating year, the tax client will have to make non-TAP return filing arrangements.