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W-4 Completion Instructions

Click on the link below to find detailed instructions for completing Form W-4. These instructions are specific to the needs and tax law requirements of international faculty, visiting scholars, researchers, and students. The instructions are not applicable to and should not be used by United States citizens or resident aliens.

The IRS recognizes that the new W-4 regulations under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC [see Section 3402]) do not require that an employee file a new Form W-4 every year. Changes in NRA withholding rules cannot take effect until the NRA employee files a new Form W-4.   In the absence of a new Form W-4, the old Form W-4 is still in effect.

For all newly prepared forms W-4 forms (both federal and state), please use the rules on page 2 of the PDF file at this link to complete the forms.

You can review your W-4 form already on file at "insideND>MyResources>Tax Information>W-4 Information>".  Accessing insideND requires separate login.