Current Undergraduate Students

Peer Tutoring

Requesting a tutor

One-on-one peer tutoring is available for undergraduate students in most non-major business courses. Students seeking tutoring must complete a Tutor Request Form available on the MCOB UG tab through insideND.  Any questions should be directed to the tutor coordinator in Room 101 Mendoza.  Due to limited access to funding and resources, only students with a GPA below 3.0 are eligible for the Peer Tutoring Program. Students who have been on probation in the last year or who are working with the Sara Bea Learning Center are also eligible regardless of their GPA. 

Students who are ineligible based on the above guidelines but feel there are extenuating circumstances that may merit an exception should contact the tutor coordinator.  All students are encouraged to take advantage of weekly review sessions, professor's office hours, study groups, study guides and textbook resources to supplement their in-class learning.  Accounting, IT and Stats courses all have standing help sessions each week.  Additional resources for Accounting courses may be available through Beta Alpha Psi. Interested students should contact Professor Janet O'Tousa. 

Students are encouraged to apply early in the semester. Tutoring is provided at no cost; however, services may be limited and are first-come, first served, depending on the availability of tutors. The deadlines to request a tutor are the Friday before Fall Break and the Friday before Spring Break each year.   Students are required to meet with a tutor a minimum of one hour per week for the entire semester in order to maximize the benefits of the service. 

Applying to be a tutor

The success of the tutoring program depends on student initiative.  Students are encouraged to apply to tutor in any course in which they have demonstrated mastery.  Qualifications include a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 and high grades in the business course(s) they are interested in tutoring. 

Tutors are especially needed for courses such as Accountancy I & II, Business Statistics, Managerial Economics, and Macroeconomic Analysis. If you can share your knowledge, we encourage you to contact the tutor coordinator.

Students interested in employment as a tutor should complete the Peer Tutor Application via the MCOB UG tab on insideND.  

Tutor Coordinator:    Amy Radvansky – Academic Advisor

                                    101 Mendoza