Current Undergraduate Students

Research Opportunities

The Mendoza College of Business and the University offer undergraduate research opportunities that can provide students with a deeper understanding of the academic environment than can be conveyed in a classroom or in a textbook.  Research allows the exploration and questioning of significant issues in today’s world, and presents unique opportunities for you to engage in scholarly and creative endeavors.

The Mendoza College of Business offers a variety of undergraduate research opportunities including; research courses, independent study and research assistant positions.

MCoB Undergraduate Research Courses

 - BA 30310 Jr. Research: Foresight in Business & Society (Fall/Spring) 

 See the course website for highlighted research projects & additional information.  

 The Foresight course challenges students to engage in the process of identifying and evaluating major issues and trends impacting society in the future and exploring potential business implications that can drive sustainable innovation. The course is designed to facilitate three core thinking skills (critical, systems and creative) within a framework of foresight tools and methods for assessing change, forecasting future scenarios and analyzing implications of future change.  Students apply these thinking skills and the foresight framework in a semester-long team project on a topic of their choice to develop insights on emerging opportunities and provide recommendations on how business can positively influence future change and create resilient strategies to enable success in an uncertain future.

 - MARK 30120 Marketing Research (Fall/Spring)

 Required for all marketing majors. A study of the application of scientific method to the definition and solution of marketing problems with attention to research design, sampling theory, methods of data collection and the use of statistical techniques in the data analysis.


- MARK 43900 Exploring Frontiers of Marketing (Spring)


These seminars are devoted to selected areas of marketing and related disciplines. Each participant is expected to explore the chosen topic(s) determined by the participants and the teaching staff. Department approval required.


- MGT  40580 Special Studies in Innovation (Spring)

Students in this course will gather and process data and considered needs in order to produce a detailed proposal for a cross-disciplinary research environment that will be established within the new Engineering Learning Center in the Stinson-Remick Engineering Building. The resulting environment will be conceived through collaborative research conducted by marketing, engineering and design. Team-driven output during the course will result in a facility layout that considers technology requirements, furnishings, and an implementation plan capable of supporting and enhancing future university activities. The environment's purpose will foster meaningful innovation and problem solving through heightened academic unity between the colleges. The course undertaking will also serve as a preliminary test of Notre Dame's collaborative potentials, combining teaching resources from the College of Engineering, Mendoza College of Business and the Industrial Design Program in the College of Arts and Letters. The vision of this course enterprise focuses on the belief that collaborative discourse between university colleges will lead to increased understanding, heightened achievement, and global recognition that exceeds the potential of a single unit within the university.

Research Assistants (RAs) who work with faculty on faculty research

Research Assistants are students who assist faculty in carrying out a particular faculty research agenda.   While the research assistant is expected to contribute in many ways to the research project, typical responsibilities include; conducting literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data, requesting or acquiring equipment or supplies for the project , managing and responding to project related correspondence, summarizing project results, drafting articles, reports, and presentations and monitor the project expenses.

MCoB Department Contacts



Faculty research assistantship opportunities are available in all areas of accounting, including financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and managerial decision-making. Please contact Prof. Jamie O'Brien, Assistant Department Chair, for additional information.



Faculty research assistantship opportunities are available relating to functioning of human, data, and production systems in organizations. Please contact Emily Saavedra, Administrative Assistant, for additional information.



Faculty research assistantship opportunities are available relating to financial areas such as investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, and banking. Please contact Marlene Wasikowski, Administrative Assistant, for additional information.



Research assistantships are available relating to the effects of managerial marketing policies, consumer behavior, and use of information in marketing decisions. Please contact Sandra Palmer, Administrative Assistant, for additional information.



The University also offers undergraduate research opportunities. For detailed information, explore these links: