Stayer Center for Executive Education

Collaborative Development Process

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Needs Analysis

  • Identify critical, strategic issues within the organization
  • Understand the relationship of the issues using the integral leadership model to give context
  • Identify learning objectives
  • Test client’s assumptions and use surveys, interviews and instruments as appropriate to create clarity

Program Design

  • Create unique solutions rich enough to scale from the individual to the organization
  • Craft sophisticated solutions that typically incorporate any number of the following in tandem:
    • classroom learning
    • technology to support and/or extend learning
    • executive coaching
    • cross-functional team problem solving
    • surveys, assessments and inventories
    • action learning
    • collaborative change
    • large-scale interactive process
  • Refine program with client partner
  • Align resources and establish comprehensive time line

Program Delivery

  • Prepare delivery location in concert with client partner
  • Conduct sequenced program(s) with constant oversight by customer centric Executive Education representatives


  • Apply new knowledge to learning objectives initially established with client partner
  • Identify expanded tools and techniques to further extend learning
  • Execute follow through process with client partner


  • Conduct after-action review, evaluating and analyzing business impact
  • Incorporate results into future programs