Stayer Center for Executive Education

the integral model

To create exceptional, sustained value, what does it take? Research indicates that individuals with a high degree of self-awareness are more likely to successfully lead and transform their organizations over time. Notre Dame’s Executive Integral Leadership is designed to create lasting change from the inside out. An explicit understanding of your own values, beliefs and assumptions will support and hold change in place.

Integral Theory, developed by American philosopher Ken Wilber, provides you with both a virtual map to business analysis as well as a comprehensive framework for understanding your values and leadership capabilities. The Integral Model framework takes all aspects of business into account you, your individual behavior and relationships, all systems and processes plus the shared culture—to offer you a method of analysis at the micro, organizational and macro levels to:

  • Diagnose issues
  • Develop change initiatives
  • Evaluate strategic options
  • Sustain personal and organizational success
4 Quadrant Integral
Leadership Model
Personal Meaning

Your Executive Integral Leadership week is grounded in Integral Theory and focuses on the often-overlooked interior dimensions of you as an individual. You will find the real power to change lies in the Personal Meaning (Individual Interior) quadrant. Your Notre Dame experience will uniquely focus on you as a whole person, from values to relationships, in order to enhance your self-understanding and therefore, your leadership effectiveness. Discover how and where you have the opportunity to balance the multiple dimensions of yourself and even understand the motivations of others. The power to create sustained, exceptional values lies within.

EIL will prepare you to bring new perspectives to guiding your organization to greatness and enable you to see challenges and opportunities that others may miss.