Notre Dame Executive Education

stories of impact

clare_brunnert UYLLP
Clare Brunnert
Commercial Channel Manager, Coca Cola North America

Knowing Thyself
"This was a rare opportunity for me to focus on my values. I appreciate Coke and realize just how important it is that I work for a company with which my values are aligned."

sherman_dupre UYLP
Sherman Dupre
Senior Manager, The Boeing Company

Appreciating a Variety of Perspectives
"I transitioned into a new role just after UYLP. My ability to lead through change is enhanced with my increased ability to self reflect and understand the strengths of my team."

leslie_shain UYLP
Leslie Shain
Supervisor, Chevron

Paying Attention Differently
"I am more patient as I better understand my employees and focus on being able to positively influence them."

Nick Thurmond
Nick Thurmond
Supervisor, Chevron

Inspiring a Team
"I realize even more that my responsibility is to develop others through inspiring rather than teaching."

leslie_shain UYLP
Selina White-Vicks
IT Asset Management Analyst, TTX

Accelerating Growth as a Leader
"Unleashing has made me more conscious and has enhanced my self-awareness. It has inspired me to want more, do more, and share more. I believe my organization is now ready to receive what I have to share."

Mark Parzynski
Mark Parzynski
National Account Executive, Coca-Cola North America

Living One’s Values
"After Unleashing Your Leadership Potential, I created a personal manifesto that I now live by for both personal and professional guidance."

leslie_shain UYLP
Maria Laine
Manager, International Alliances,
The Boeing Company

Finding Intriguing Solutions
"Before I came to class my resolution to my business problem was to hire more people. Now I’m thinking that by using my leadership skills I may actually be able to reach into our existing resources and utilize them better through a shift into a new level of leadership. Maybe I need to stop 'doing' so much and focus more on leading the resources we have."

Jared Rodgers
Jared Rodgers
Manager, The Boeing Company

Leading Change from All Levels
"It is easy to feel out of control as a new leader, but now I've got a new toolkit for dealing with issues I thought were out of my control. Now I've helped my team learn to view the broader picture and unleash our creative energies to make a collective impact on our organization."