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Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management 

Today's workplace is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. More organizations than ever have a culturally diverse workforce. Issues once perceived as being solved through simple understanding and fair-mindedness have become much more complex to identify and manage. Multiple generations, ethnicities and ethical beliefs are just a few employee dynamics that have rapidly changed in the workplace. And now is a critical time for professionals at all levels to receive something more extensive than cultural sensitivity training. Notre Dame's Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management program prepares you to be more aware, and therefore a more effective leader. 

If you have good functional skills and consider yourself a "people person,» then everything will naturally fall into place, right? Not necessarily. What you don't see can diminish effective communication and damage your career or organization. Communication breakdowns can lead to legal issues, decreased employee morale and even a lack of product performance.  

Culture- which is defined by age, race, gender, religion and diverse socio-economic backgrounds- is often a major blind spot for professionals at all levels. Viewed through lenses such as action, time, power and communication, the dimensions of culture become even more complex. Never before have there been more complex cultural dynamics impacting professionals across all industries and locations. Whether your job description includes supervising others or not, you are a manager of people and their unique characteristics. What motivates one worker may completely hinder another. Raise your awareness and create a greater impact by successfully navigating common situations. 

This eight-week course can be taken alone or as a complement to one of Notre Dame's Executive Certificates in Leadership and Management, Negotiation, or Business Administration. It teaches you how to be able to recognize, analyze and manage the important implications of working and living in a culturally diverse society. Plus, you'll also receive 12 months access to the Cultural Orientations Indicator®. 

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