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Ante Glavas

Assistant Professor


Professor Glavas conducts research on employees when they work for the common good. Specifically, he studies employee values, motivation, and meaning at work when employees work for more than money - when they feel that their work contributes to improving the well-being of others and the environment. He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, where he was also the Executive Director of their social responsibility center, served on the faculty, and co-developed a signature course titled Building the Sustainable Enterprise, which was recognized by Forbes as one of the 10 Most Innovative Business Courses in the US. He has published and presented on topics related to organizational behavior, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability such as a recent review in the Journal of Management that has been the most downloaded article in 2013 at the journal. Prior to his PhD, he was a senior manager in Diageo (a Fortune 500 company), founded the first private business school in Croatia, founded two social enterprises, consulted to over 100 organizations, conducted work in close to 60 countries, and served on the board of numerous non-profits. His work has been cited in numerous outlets such as CBS, CNN, Fast Company, Fortune, GreenBiz, and USA Today. He received numerous awards for his social work, among which was the Medal of Honor from the President of Croatia for his work serving the country during the war. He also received the 2013 Runner Up for the ONE Emerging Scholars Award from the Academy of Management and 2012 James Dincolo Outstanding Teaching Award for Management.




  • International Management
  • The Business of Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Ethical Leadership in the Sustainable Enterprise


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