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Venture Capital Immersion Experience


The Venture Capital/Private Equity Immersion Experience offers selected Notre Dame MBA students the opportunity to gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship from the investor perspective.

Up to four MBA students will spend one week shadowing a venture capitalist or an individual working for a private equity firm with ties to the Notre Dame community.  The Venture Capital/Private Equity Immersion Experience is a tremendous opportunity to gain invaluable experience:

  • Experiencing deep exposure to the industry;
  • Listening to numerous entrepreneur pitches;
  • Understanding what works and what doesn’t firsthand;
  • Learning directly the fatal flaws and potential pitfalls of a business plan.

The Venture Capital/Private Equity Immersion Experience is made possible by a grant from the NASDAQ Educational Foundation.


When: The Immersion Experiences will take place during the Fall and Spring MBA Interterm periods. 

Who can participate:

  • The Immersion is open to all second year (traditional two-year MBA program) and one-year MBA students
  • Preferred (but not required) prerequisites include:
    • The Venture Capital Fundamentals course, which will provide sufficient background to take full advantage of the experience and demonstrate a level of industry knowledge
    • Some knowledge of entrepreneurship, whether classroom knowledge or startup experience.
  • Selection for this program is by application only.  For more information, email the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at Please include Private Equity Immersion Experience Application in the subject line.

Key takeaways: Students in the VC/PE Immersion Experience will gain exposure to the key operational processes within a venture capital or private equity firm, including: 

  • Deal decision making (including identifying and analyzing potential deals, making investments and providing board oversight to portfolio companies);
  • Portfolio assessment (process tracking); and
  • Staff interaction and communication.


Students will attend at least one company presentation and (if possible) one board meeting, and will spend one day with a senior associate or equivalent member of the junior investment staff (focus is on seeing due diligence and deal generation processes).

Funding from the NASDAQ grant will cover costs related to transportation, lodging, food and incidentals during for the week students spend with their venture capital/private equity hosts. 

For more information, email the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at