Gigot Center


Gigot Center Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide early stage feedback, mentoring and networking assistance for aspiring Notre Dame student, faculty and alumni entrepreneurs.  This program is invaluable because it extends our ability to meet the needs of ND entrepreneurs significantly to include EIRs living throughout the U.S. and the world.

The Entrepreneurs-in-Residence opportunity takes one of 2 forms:

  • Virtual EIRs are available to meet virtually (via email or telephone) with students/alumni OR may meet in person with those who live in proximity.
  • Traditional EIRs are available to meet with students and alumni in person on campus (by appointment only).  We have a critical need for this type of on-campus support, those who are willing to connect personally with students on campus, and have created a beautiful meeting space for this in the Gigot Center.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide the following assistance: 

  • Feedback to those who seek advice with developing proposed business ideas (including business plan review), solidifying business strategy, developing the business model and identifying market position
  • Advice  for startups primarily in the very earliest stages of development, working with aspiring entrepreneurs within the Notre Dame community to formulate a plan to move potential ventures from the idea phase to startup
  • Networking assistance, which is critical, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to others within the ND community who are better qualified to help them tackle issues surrounding the commercialization of their new ventures, in specific areas such as intellectual property, legal issues, funding. 

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