the notre dame mba career catalyst

With an MBA from the University of Notre Dame on your résumé, you’re already on the road to a successful business career. The next step is learning how to identify and secure the job of your dreams. That’s where the Notre Dame MBA Career Catalyst™ comes into play. A comprehensive career development process, the Notre Dame MBA Career Catalyst consists of five phases that are essential for success: Assessment and Research; Positioning; Knowledge and Skills; Job Search; and At Work. In each stage, ND MBA Career Development offers valuable coaching, tools, information, and experiences.

The Notre Dame MBA


Before you can identify the "perfect job," it's important to first identify your personal core values, attributes, motivators, skills, and work preferences.

In this stage, our MBA Career Development team will help you perform a self assessment, create a résumé, develop a profile on ND MBA CareerLink, and research areas and companies that best suit your strengths and attributes.


Now it's time to make a plan. In this stage, a career coach will help you prepare for the MBA marketplace by developing your interview skills, customizing your résumé, and defining your career focus.

After completing a Value-Added Analysis®, a process whereby we narrow in on your most essential—and marketable—attributes, you will develop a Job Search Marketing Plan and get acquainted with InterviewStream, a website that enables online interviews.


Now that you have a better understanding of what you have to offer to a prospective employer, it's time to expand your industry knowledge and learn how to leverage the ND networks available to you.

In this phase, you will join a Career Action Group (CAG) and work with a mentor, who will introduce you to the vast Notre Dame network. In addition to University faculty and industry experts, the Notre Dame network includes 135,000 undergraduate alumni and nearly 300 Notre Dame clubs worldwide.


With guidance from your career coach and your CAG, it's time to implement your Job Search Marketing Plan. You will reach out to target companies to secure interviews with the intention of receiving job offers.

Additionally, your career coach will help you tap into the Notre Dame network and leverage the University's relationship with our recruiting partners.

Your career coach will help you evaluate job offers and select the best position for you.


You've accepted a job or an internship. Congratulations! Our MBA graduates have a reputation for being collaborative, creative, and ethical problem-solvers, and now is your chance to shine.

As you become acclimated to your new role, you will continue to gain new skills that allow you to make a positive impact in your chosen profession. But don't forget: You're still surrounded by the Notre Dame connections you so carefully cultivated. And as an alumnus yourself, there are a variety of continuing education opportunities and informational engagements available to you. Be sure to keep in touch with the Mendoza College of Business to learn more—including how YOU can impact an MBA student's life by becoming a mentor.