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William F. O’Dell Award Finalist

University of Notre Dame Marketing Professor Shankar Ganesan’s article on the validity of cross-sectional versus longitudinal surveys is a finalist for the 2012 William F. O’Dell Award from the Journal of Marketing Research, a leading journal in marketing.

The O’Dell award honors the Journal of Marketing Research article published in 2008 that has made the most significant, long-term contribution to marketing theory, methodology, and/or practice. The award is based on research appearing five years earlier to provide ample time for the findings to be disseminated. The winners are selected by first round votes of the Editorial Review Board, citation counts, careful reading of the papers by the award committee, and letters of recommendations submitted.

In this article, Prof. Ganesan and his co-authors examine the validity concerns with cross-sectional surveys. These validity concerns center on reducing common method variance bias and enhancing causal inferences. Longitudinal data collection is commonly offered as a solution to these problems. The authors conceptually examine the role of longitudinal surveys in addressing these validity concerns and provide an illustrative comparison of the validity of cross-sectional versus longitudinal surveys. The conceptualization and findings suggest that under certain conditions, the results from cross-sectional data exhibit validity comparable to the results obtained from longitudinal data. The article concludes by offering a set of guidelines to assist researchers in deciding whether to employ a longitudinal survey approach.

Ganesan joined the Notre Dame marketing faculty in 2013 as a Professor of Marketing. Previously, he was a member of the marketing department at the University of Arizona. Ganesan's research interests focus on the areas of interorganizational relationships, customer relationship management, retailing, service failure and recovery, product recalls, and new product innovation.

For more information about the award, contact Marketing Professor Shankar Ganesan at (574) 631-5925 or sganesan@nd.edu.