Nonprofit Executive Education

senior healthcare providers

Senior Health Care Providers Business Excellence Program

In Partnership with Volunteers of America


Volunteers of America health care providers lack some of the managerial and business skills needed to advance their organizations in terms of vision, innovation, and development.

Program Goal:

To assist senior health care providers as they seek to empower employees, cultivate a spirit of innovation, develop leadership skills, and inspire their organizations to excellence.

Program Design and Format:

The University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with the Volunteers of America, has designed an executive education program for health care providers. Topics include the following:

  • Understanding drivers of employee attitude and performance from employee survey data
  • Crafting meaningful ways to achieve company vision
  • Creating a culture of innovation in the healthcare setting
  • Acknowledging and leveraging differences and reaching common ground
  • Replicating the hallmarks of an organization committed to excellence
  • Engaging in strategic and entrepreneurial planning
  • Fostering creativity in personal finances