Courses for Non-Business Students

Opportunities for Non-Business Students

Junior- and senior-level students who are not enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business frequently express interest in registering for business fundamentals courses. To honor those requests, we have reserved seats in each of the eight business fundamentals courses to supplement your college academic pursuits. 

Each of the fundamentals courses – Accountancy I, Accountancy II, Corporate Financial Management, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Business Statistics, IT Management Applications, and Business Law – now has an accompanying equivalent course titled “BAUG”.  These courses are open to any non-business Notre Dame junior or senior during your registration period, without college or department restriction (normal prerequisites do apply). 

Although the course code is different, each BAUG course carries the same title as the accompanying business fundamentals course. All sections of fundamentals courses have an accompanying BAUG section. The table below illustrates this information.

*Course prerequisites exist for these classes.

Each of the above fundamentals courses is a regular three-credit course. In addition, we offer two one-credit speakers series: